FullStack Developer (Full Remote Position)

What are we looking for?

At Uphint we are looking for an enthusiastic and passionate person who seeks excellence in coding, who cares about making it better every day, who likes the startup world and feels the product as his own. If in addition to this you like to work doing pairing and get involved with business to propose ideas and improvements read on.

What is Uphint?

Uphint is an early stage SaaS startup that is being disruptive in the way knowledge is exchanged. We enable the automatic creation of step-by-step guides with screenshots of any process. Companies use it for different purposes, such as new employee training or customer support. Our product reduces documentation time by more than 90% and helps companies scale their teams.

Our mission is to empower people and teams by facilitating knowledge sharing through technology. We currently have large companies from 7 countries in our beta, an experienced team and high quality investors behind our startup.

What do we offer?

We want to foster a comfortable working environment, that you feel comfortable with us and bring everything you need and value, in this way we want to retain your talent. A salary based on experience (35K - 42K€)

- Salary increased every 6 months (signed by contract)
- Stock Options
- Flexible working hours
- 5 extra days for personal matters
- English classes
- Telecommuting, Face-to-Face or Hybrid (your choice)
- Flexible compensation
- Intensive work day in summer

Opportunity to grow with the company and lead technology teams.And if you would like us to offer anything else, you can comment openly, we are open to anything you consider important.

What do we expect from you?

- You have clear concepts such as S.O.L.I.D. Hexagonal architecture, DDD and testing. We want to make a scalable and robust software that allows us to maintain it easily.

- You should have experience with typed and object-oriented languages. Our stack is TypeScript, both in the frontend with React and in the backend with Node, but we understand that the important thing is not the technology but how we use it, so don't worry if you don't have previous experience with this stack.

- Don't be afraid to touch any part of the software or infrastructure. You will perform complete functionalities touching from the frontend to the backend or even the database.

- You must be self-taught, proactive and have good communication skills. We believe that communication is the fundamental pillar not only in the technical department to be able to discuss about the code but also with other departments to choose the direction of the Saas.

- You like to work in a team to achieve the best result. Several points of view always give a better result, it is also a way to share knowledge within the team. Pairing and different working methodologies will make this easier.

Do you still know more?

In addition to all this as extra points we also value:
- Docker and docker-compose. All Saas is encapsulated in containers for deployment and development.
- TDD. We understand that the important thing is to have the test and it is not always possible to do TDD but we like to implement it whenever possible.
- Medium level of English. We program in English and we look for information in English, so it is important that you can handle moderately with this language but if your level of English is a little weak do not worry that Uphint will provide you with English classes, the important thing is that you can defend yourself.
- Mongo. It is the current database and it would be convenient that you have a minimum of knowledge about how a non-relational database works.

Wanna join our team?

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