Technical Manuals: Do it Automatically - Ultimate Guide

Technical Manuals: Do it Automatically - Ultimate Guide

If you arrive at this article, I will let you know you are near to craft the perfect technical manual, and help everyone to operate, maintain or perform a specific task.

Essentially, a technical manual contains detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use a product or perform a task. This is extremely helpful for people who are new to the product or task and need guidance on how to get started. To get started, there are great helpful tools that will make you increase efficiency and productivity. 

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What is a technical manual?

Essentially, a technical manual is a document that provides detailed information and instruction on how to maintain, operate, or use a particular product, equipment or even system. Technical manuals are usually written by technical writers or subject matter experts and their target are technicians, engineers, or other individuals who need to understand the technical aspects of the specific product or equipment.

Technical manuals include information such as safety instructions, product usage and specifications, installation procedures, operations instructions and any other relevant technical information.Within these documents, it can also be included diagrams, illustrations and even visual aids in order to help users understand the procedures and instructions better. 

Technical manuals are very useful because they provide users the knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively and operate safely, maintain and repair complex systems or equipment. They also ensure that issues are resolved in an efficient manner.

Types of technical manuals

Installation manuals: These type of manuals provide specific instructions on how to properly install a product or equipment, and includes any required materials or tools.

Operating manuals: These manual provide instructions on how to use a product or equipment, including how to stop, start, adjust and maintain it.

Maintenance manuals: These manuals provide instructions on how to perform a specific routine of maintenance tasks on a product equipment, including, clearing, replacing any part..

Repair manuals: These provide instructions on how to repair and diagnose problems with a product or equipment, these includes diagnostic charts and repair procedures.

Training manuals: These provide instructions on how to train other people to use or maintain a product, this includes training materials, lesson plans and assessments.

Part manuals: These provide information on the parts and components of a product or equipment, these includes descriptions and illustrations.

Safety manuals: A safety manual provide information on how to safely operate and maintain a product. These includes safety procedures, warning and precautions.

Why is it important? Benefits

A technical manual contains multiple benefits, including; 

Increase efficiency: By following and performing technical manuals, this can help users to operate, maintain and repair products or equipment more efficiently. This reduces mistakes and boosts productivity. 

Improve performance: Users can optimize and improve their performance of a product or equipment by following strictly the instructions of the technical manual. This leads to success, quality and durability.

Standardization: Technical manuals help to standardize the procedure for operating, maintaining and repairing a product. This ensures that everyone is following the same procedure, which eventually leads to reduce errors, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Reduced costs: Identifying and resolving problems more quickly and effectively is one of the most important benefits of the technical manuals. This reduces repair costs and minimizes the need for expensive replacement parts.

Improved safety: Technical manuals increase safety. Within technical manuals, it included safety procedures and precautions that help prevent injuries and accidents. By following these instructions, users minimize the risk of injuries.

Training and development: Technical manuals can also be used for training and development purposes. Technical manuals provides detail information and easy-to follow instructions, they help users to develop new skills, and expand their knowledge of the equipment and product.

How to do a technical manual step by step and automatically

Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a technical manual:

  1. Define the scope and audience: Determine the scope of the manual and who the audience will be. This will help you determine what information to include and how to present it.
  1. Identify the tasks: List the tasks or procedures that the manual will cover, such as installation, operation, maintenance, or troubleshooting.
  1. Break down each task into steps: For this step, you will need to use Uphint. Uphint is a step-by-step guide extension, which will help you to document the task, or procedure and transform it into a step-by-step guide automatically. As you click or write anything on the screen, Uphint is already doing the step by step template which is composed of formed screenshots for every step. Each step automatically has their corresponding title, but you can edit as you like. Uphint provides easy-to-follow instructions in order to understand or perform any task or procedure.
  1. Provide warning: If there are any safety concerns or potential obstacles associated with a task, include cautions to alert the user.
  1. Review and test: Review the manual and test it to ensure that the instructions are clear and accurate. Consider having someone who is not familiar with the task or equipment follow the instructions to see if they can successfully complete the task.

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  1. Update the manual: Update the manual regularly to reflect any changes or improvements to the equipment or software. This will ensure that the manual remains relevant and useful over time.

Best tips to make a technical manual

Understand your audience: To create an effective technical manual, its important to understand who will be reading and using it and what their level of technical knowledge is. This will level up the manual and tailor the information and language for the users.

Use clear and concise language: Technical manuals can be complex, so it's important to use language that is clear  and easy to understand for their users. 

Use visual aids: Such as diagrams, flowcharts, gantt charts and illustrations can help to convey complex information easily.  

Organize the information logically: Organize the information in a logical and user-friendly way, using headings and lists to make it intuitive  and easy to navigate.

Provide context: When describing technical procedures or processes, provide context to help the reader understand why it's important.

Test manual: Before publishing the manual, test with someone who is not familiar with the product and use it to perform the tasks described in the manual. Use their feedback to revise the product.

Update the manual regularly: Technical manuals can quickly become outdated as equipment or software changes. Make sure to update the manual regularly to ensure that it remains accurate and useful.

By following these tips, you can create a technical manual that is clear, concise, and easy to understand, making it a valuable resource for your audience.

Tools you need to know

There are several tools available for creating technical manuals, including:


As we said before, Uphint is a tool that is used for several things, such as document processes instantly. Uphint is capable of turning your complex process or tasks into a simple step-by-step guide easy-to-follow and easy to understand by anyone.

Adobe FrameMaker

Is a professional-level tool for creating technical documentation. It offers advanced formatting options, and the ability to manage large and complex documents. 

MadCap Flare

Is an intuitive and user-friendly tool with the goal of creating technical manuals. 


Is a free tool for creating technical documentation. Within their features, includes the ability to generate help files, manuals and eBooks.


Technical manuals are an essential tool for anyone who needs to operate, maintain or repair complex equipment or systems. They provide a wide range of possibilities to improve performance and efficiency. Their ultimate goal is to help users achieve optimal performance and safety. Providing well-explained information in order to complete a specific task or procedure is the most important thing, for that reason, a step-by-step guide of a complex explanation can be the best option.

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