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Avoid mistakes

When anyone is about to perform a specific task and doesn't have the experience to do so, we are exposed to failure. Even though someone  has explained that process to you. Easy-to understand step-by-step guides tackle the same specific task, avoiding failure and achieving accuracy in their performance

Easy to use

A complicated process can turn out to be a simple process. It's all about the approach.  The template provides a simple process which can be followed easily by anyone. But in the same way, doing your own step-by-step guide through this template is really easy as well.

Save time

As we follow the step-by-step process we avoid mistakes and avoid asking doubts and we still accomplish 100% efficiency on the task, this makes the process a lot more richer and productive.


The template works with every task you need to complete. Within a company, there are different roles and responsibilities. You may think this resource is only useful for a determined department. It's not the case. This template is helpful for anyone who needs to perform a task and is looking for efficiency.


Make them available to colleagues, co-workers, customers, new hires.. Wherever they need it, they will have it. Provide manuals of step-by-step guide templates making it shareable with your staff very easily.

What is a step-by-step guide?

A step-by-step guide can provide clear instructions and outline the steps required on how to complete a task, a project, a workflow or just about anything else.

This guide will create for you and your team detailed instructions of steps to follow, ensuring that the task is done correctly.The step-by-step guides can be used to train new employees, onboard new hires, give customer support, explain software features,update a SOP… It can be done by any role and responsibility within the company.

This document aims to provide a clear and easy-to-understand guide to anyone who needs to complete a task or project. You can use this guide to describe practically any type of process.

For example, setting up a project documentation, a step-by-step guide will help the reader accomplish their objectives and increase his productivity 100%.

Step-by-step guides template benefits

Having step-by-step instructions offers a lot of different benefits within a company:

Consistency: The guide ensures regularity and stability, consistency and efficiency in whatever your reader is trying to do.

Employees: A good resolutive group of people is formed when they have plenty of wisdom or confidence in themselves. They are engaged with the culture of the company and have strong relationships with team members. It's shocking that through step-by-step guides you can achieve all of that. The secret is to infuse confidence in your employees, and confidence is achieved when they complete their responsibilities correctly. The step-by-step guide contributes to the internal knowledge.

Onboarding: Some companies don't hire because they don't have the time to train new employees. They look for people with experience, capable of dealing with their tasks as they have been completing it throughout his years within the company. Step-by-step guides mentor new hires allowing them to have certain wisdom empowering them to achieve 100% efficiency on their tasks. step-by-step guides transfer knowledge easily.

Customer: Any doubt your customer may have, needs to be resolved instantly and 100% effectively. Step-by-step guides can lead customers to improve their satisfaction and, eventually, their retention.

What should a how to guide include

I will show you a simple and easy- to understand process that will lead you to success by following the steps required to complete a certain task.

Name the task and its purpose
Answer these questions:
What the task is?
What is the goal?
Why is the process necessary?

Define the scope of work
One of the main goals is to ensure that you do not include unnecessary steps in your process.
In order to achieve that, we must define the activities that are included in the process or task and which are not.
We must identify the ideal steps involved in completing the process or task successfully.

Inputs and outputs
We must define in detail a trigger event or action that starts the whole process and how the end result looks like.

Write down each step of the process
Write down all the steps involved in the process from start to finish.
Define everything a person must do to reach the desired outcome.
Document the steps with all the details required. You must have in mind who your target audience is, so you make sure how you can talk to them and where.

Organize the steps you need to follow from each task.
From the start point to the desired end result.
By doing this, you will set up a step-by-step guide.

Describe how to complete each step
It's easier to follow a step-by-step guide if it includes visuals, it makes it more easy-to understand and makes it easier to work it out.

Use this template to make your step-by-step guide
Here is when Uphint comes in.
Uphint provides a way of creating step-by-step guides automatically, saving time in documenting each step manually.
Making it easier for companies to increase productivity and efficiency.
The step-by-step guide template will offer detailed instructions shaped with steps you must follow to complete your task.
Uphint will create for you automatically , a screenshot tutorial of the process you want to explain having the chance to customize it.
The end result would be a step-by-step guide easy-to follow for anyone, easy to share with coworkers, or even posting it on a website and accessible to anyone.